Tracy K. Dickerson, Owner

Following graduation from the University of Georgia Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources, Tracy worked for corporate timber companies for 30 years in timber procurement and land management. His profession gives him unique insight into timber products, their value, and the regional markets for forest products. As a registered forester in Georgia and Alabama, Tracy is well connected with others in the forest industry.  Tracy has served on the Board of the Georgia Forestry Association for eight years and presently serves on the Georgia Sustainable Forestry Initiative - Implementation Committee.  Since graduation from the UGA, Tracy has been a member of the Society of American Foresters. 

Today Tracy is passionate about sharing his experience and knowledge of Forestry with others, especially private timberland owners, forming Timberland Transitions LLC in 2012.  “Working with private landowners and helping them actively manage their timber assets, set short and long-term goals, and then monitor their progress is the core of my business.  Each landowner is different; many have generational ties to their land; some are new landowners, but all are enthusiastic about learning more about their forest, their trees and their benefits, both financially and environmentally. Forest management is a long-term process; landowners know that making the right decisions now lays the groundwork for the future potential of their forest asset.  It’s rewarding for me to help them determine the timber management activities that’s right for them today and into the future.”    


Timberland Transitions

Timber and land management is the primary focus of Timberland Transitions, specializing in timber sale evaluation, marketing and oversight; forest management plans; Stewardship and American Tree Farm certification; timber inventory and appraisal; timber growth and yield projections; reforestation and timber stand improvement services. 

A healthy and productive timber asset is the result of sound forest management practices requiring both short and long-term planning. These decisions are thoughtfully considerate with the landowner’s financial needs; landownership philosophy, goals and objectives; the productivity and character of the property’s soil and terrain features, and the current condition of the timber stands.  Current and future timber markets must always be a consideration.  



  • Oversight and execution of forest management operations on client owned properties:
    • Forest Management Plans
    • American Tree Farm and Georgia Forest Stewardship Certifications
    • Timber inventory and appraisal
    • Timber sale marketing and administration
      • Harvest prescriptions, timber marking and harvest boundary delineation, timber sale prospectus, contractor assessment, timber sale closing, performance deposit retention, harvest contractor oversight, timber security protocol, deliveries and payment reconciliation, contractor performance evaluation and close out 
    • Reforestation Services – Silvicultural prescriptions for mechanical and herbicide site preparation, prescribed burns, tree planting, and herbaceous release treatments, contractor validation and oversight
    • Timber stand management activities – firebreak establishment, understory burning, herbicide treatments
    • Land Services – road and trail maintenance, boundary maintenance, access retention and control
  • Administrative Services
    • Hunting lease administration and response
    • Property tax evaluation and assessment
    • Federal Cost Share Program assistance
    • Easement and Right-of-Way reviews
    • Other Services As Needed
    • References Available Upon Request